Kinoma Create

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Suggested Retail Price: $149.95

The ES6-powered device with integrated Wi-Fi, BLE, touchscreen, speaker, and microphone — designed for developers to take ideas to prototype and production

  • Skip the drudgery of starting from a bare board
  • Quickly explore ideas using the built-in color touchscreen which is also a powerful debugging tool
  • Speed up prototyping with onboard apps for common developer tasks
  • Demo ideas and conduct user tests, anywhere, with built-in battery and attractive case
  • Explore options with tons of I/O; 50 pin connector in the back, and 16 front-facing pins
  • Linux, 128 MB RAM, 800 MHz ARM v5t
  • Connected with Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

Kinoma Element

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Suggested Retail Price: $24.95

Develop production-ready embedded devices with Kinoma Element — the scriptable, open source, palm-sized IoT kit with built-in Wi-Fi

  • Smallest JavaScript-powered IoT product platform
  • Designed to take product ideas from drawing board, to prototype, through to mass production
  • Use off-the-shelf sensors so your options aren’t limited
  • Ideal for building products that connect to the cloud, to mobile, and to other IoT devices
  • Endlessly configurable with a pair of eight pin expansion ports, and always Wi-Fi connected
  • FreeRTOS, 512 KB RAM, 200 MHz ARM Cortex M4
  • Connected with Wi-Fi g/n