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Set up your Kinoma Create and run code for the first time
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Download the IDE for creating JavaScript apps
Documentation for KinomaJS, Kinoma Create and Kinoma Studio
Getting Started with Hardware
In-depth information for working with sensors
Sample Code
Get Open Source sample code from GitHub or install directly from within Kinoma Studio
Have questions? Use the Kinoma forum to get answers
Webinars, tutorials, demos on our YouTube channel
Tech Notes
Tech Notes
Additional documentation on specific coding topics and using Kinoma Create
Open source
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Sample Code, Core Code, PCB design files, Case 3D print files
Kinoma Create Projects
Full instructions for project construction and coding
Kinoma Create Tutorials
Expanded documentation on using the sensor input and output types supported by Kinoma Create
Sensor Cover
Sensor Cover Tip
Hold on sides and press up with thumbs
Kinoma Create User Guide
User Guide
Kinoma Create Pin Map
Pin Map
Programming with
KinomaJS Blocks
KinomaJS Blocks
Programming with Pins
Programming with Pins
Reference and samples for working with Kinoma Create pin types