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Introducing Kinoma Code!

Script applications for Kinoma hardware with the new multifunctional IDE, Kinoma Code.

Kinoma Code

Kinoma Code integrates tools not usually found in an IDE. Developers can configure Wi-Fi, reprogram hardware pins, update firmware, and scan network devices.


Reference in-depth documentation that covers the KinomaJS application framework, as well as Kinoma Create, iOS, and Android applications.

KinomaJS Tutorials

This collection of tutorials is designed to teach you about KinomaJS, our framework for developing JavaScript applications that run on Kinoma Create, iOS, Android, and desktops. If you are just getting started with KinomaJS, we suggest completing at least the five basic tutorials.

KinomaJS Blocks

Introducing visual programming for KinomaJS! Kinoma integrates KinomaJS support into Blockly as an on-ramp to writing JavaScript for embedded devices and mobile.

Tech Notes

This collection of articles covers specific hardware and software features of interest to developers.

Kinoma Studio

Kinoma Studio is an Eclipse-based IDE for Mac, Windows and Linux. Prototype on the desktop with hardware simulators, editor, debugger, and profiler

Kinoma Samples

Borrow from open source code samples that demonstrate how to create applications for Kinoma Create, iOS, or Android devices or for Kinoma Element.

Kinoma Tutorials

These expanded samples demonstrate how to use specific types of sensors with Kinoma Create and Kinoma Element.

Kinoma Projects

Get inspired by these robust projects that detail the code and step-by-step instructions for building the project components.