KinomaJS Blocks

Drag & Drop Blocks, Build a Kinoma App!

KinomaJS Blocks


Kinoma has integrated KinomaJS support into Blockly, as an experimental on-ramp to writing KinomaJS code. KinomaJS is the open source application framework uniquely designed to build the core applications of embedded devices using JavaScript. Blockly is a visual editor—by Google and for professional developers—which enables users to code by plugging blocks together.

KinomaJS Blocks are visual and easy to use—ideal for new as well as seasoned developers. New developers will like KinomaJS Blocks because they can create apps for their Kinoma hardware in a visual way, and then see the KinomaJS code it generates. Seasoned developers will like that they can quickly sketch hardware app ideas with KinomaJS Blocks, and become more familiar with KinomaJS APIs.

KinomaJS Blocks has been expanded to give developers the ability to target Kinoma Element, as well as Kinoma Create, with the JavaScript code they generate.

Do real programmers use blocks to script for hardware? Yes! KinomaJS Blocks don’t automatically script a logically correct program. That is still up to you, the developer.

With KinomaJS Blocks, you can build apps with basic touchscreen UI components, hardware components, and even a WebSocket connection between devices.

KinomaJS Blocks are a clean migration path to scripting in KinomaJS. Once you have your basic app, you can easily view and copy the generated JavaScript code, and modify it in Kinoma Studio.

Ready to try it out?

Launch KinomaJS Blocks

To use KinomaJS Blocks, simply go to our web-based tool and build your app. It’s free, and there’s no registration required.


For your easy reference, KinomaJS Blocks documentation describes the function of each KinomaJS block added to Blockly. For documentation on Blockly, please refer to the Google Developers site.

Use with or without a Kinoma device

If you have Kinoma Create or Kinoma Element, these devices run code generated with KinomaJS Blocks. You do not need to update your device.

No device? No problem. For Mac users, download Kinoma Code and refer to provided instructions on using our hardware simulator to run your application. For Windows and Linux users, refer to provided instructions on running a hardware simulator in Kinoma Code or Kinoma Studio.

Project examples

We’ve posted a selection of examples to demonstrate code written with KinomaJS Blocks.

We’re all ears!

Kinoma’s integration of KinomaJS support into Blockly is an experimental on-ramp to writing JavaScript code for embedded devices and mobile.

The Kinoma team shared an early version of KinomaJS Blocks with attendees of Maker Faire New York 2015. It was well received, and we fielded many insightful questions.

We’d like to continue hearing from developers who use KinomaJS Blocks. So please let us know what you think!

Kinoma integrates KinomaJS support into Blockly

Script for hardware with KinomaJS Blocks