Running a Hardware Simulator in Kinoma Studio

Kinoma Studio's hardware simulator and sensor library gives developers a jump-start before implementing on hardware. With the Kinoma Create simulator, you can develop and debug the application for your project entirely on a computer. Download Kinoma Studio.

1. Download and install Kinoma Studio

Kinoma Studio is our free Eclipse-based IDE for Mac, Windows and Linux. It includes a number of hardware simulators.

2. Create sample project

Under the File menu create a new Application Project.

3. Complete Project Setup

The project name does not matter and you can click through the rest of the Wizard steps.

4. Open Project and Select Hardware Simulator

When finished you will see a pane with content like this. Selecting Run will open a Kinoma Create hardware simulator.

5. Open the Simulators Wi-Fi app to get the IP address

With the simulator in focus, select the top bar Application menu and open the Wi-Fi app to get the simulator’s IP address. We will use this with KinomaJS Blocks to send your code to the simulator.

6. Run your app on simulator

Type the simulator's IP address or localhost into the address field on the KinomaJS Blocks project web page. When you select the orange Run button, your code will be pushed to the simulator and run.