Kinoma Code

A new way to develop apps for Kinoma Element and Kinoma Create

Edit, Deploy, Run, Debug, Explore, Configure, Learn

Kinoma Code is a fresh take on the IDE, with a speed and simplicity that makes scripting apps for IoT devices accessible even to novice programmers.

Kinoma Code organizes all of its functions into six activity tabs: Projects, Debugger, Devices, Samples, Documentation, and Net Scanner. Developers quickly switch between activities to focus on the different phases of the development process.

Kinoma Code automatically builds a list of supported hardware on the local network. Developers just pick the device to target and click to run an application on it.

Kinoma Code is written from the ground up to build applications using JavaScript for Kinoma hardware and software. It is fast, light, and modern.

Start a new project in Kinoma Code


The Projects activity is where developers create and edit their code.

  • ES6 syntax coloring
  • ES6 error checking to find mistakes faster
  • Source code outline for quickly navigating large files
  • Automatic grouping of modified files for fast access
  • Drag and drop folders to begin editing
  • Run apps directly from the editor
  • Use your favorite editor (works with external editors by monitoring file changes)


The Debugger activity is used to debug JavaScript applications.

  • Debug simulators and hardware devices, on the local computer and over Wi-Fi
  • Automatically engages on breakpoints and exceptions
  • Display full JavaScript call stack, including firmware modules
  • Display local and global variables as well as closures
  • Display loaded modules and their exports
  • Console log


The Devices activity manages, configures, and explores hardware devices. Developers use a simple graphical user interface instead of a complex command line to interact with devices on the network.

  • Configure Wi-Fi access point
  • Change device name
  • Set time zone
  • Update device firmware
  • Interact with sensors and other external hardware using Pin Explorer
  • Reconfigure programmable hardware pins
  • Run applications that are under development


The Samples activity lets developers browse and run more than 100 sample application projects.

  • Samples for both Kinoma Create and Kinoma Element
  • New samples regularly added (pulled live from the Kinoma GitHub repository)
  • Download and run samples on hardware or simulators
  • Easily use any sample as the starting point for a new app
  • Organized into categories including Bluetooth, Media, Mobile, Network, Pins, and User Interface


The Documentation activity gathers together the technical documentation for building applications for Kinoma Element and Kinoma Create.

  • Programmer's guide to Kinoma Element
  • KinomaJS overview and reference
  • Programming with hardware pins and pins simulators
  • Network programming with HTTP server and CoAP
  • Files API
  • Using ES6 features with KinomaJS

Net Scanner

The Net Scanner activity is a tool for discovering network services available on the local network.

  • Easily verify that network services are online
  • Discover mDNS/Zeroconf services
  • View mDNS/Zeroconf details (name, type, host, IP address, and port)
  • Discover SSDP services
  • View SSDP XML service description