KinomaJS Blocks Documentation

Here is an index of the additional blocks available to you while programming with KinomaJS Blocks. Below that, you will see some handy tips for using KinomaJS Blocks, as well as some considerations for using the KinomaJS Blocks-generated code in projects and products. (For documentation on Blockly, please refer to the Google Developers site.)

But first: saving your projects
KinomaJS Blocks auto-saves projects in your browser’s cache. If you work on a project, then close your browser and return to the KinomaJS Blocks page, your project will be in the state it was when you left. If your browser cache is cleared, your work will also be cleared.

When working with KinomaJS Blocks, you can also save your projects as URLs, so it is simple to bookmark them in your browser. Saving a bookmark is a snapshot of your project at that moment. If working on a URL-saved project, be sure to re-bookmark at the end of your session to save your latest changes.