Kinoma Create Tips

Cable Routing

Leads can be routed through the cable port to make a good presentation for user testing.


Global Quit

Quit any app with this screen perimeter gesture. Choose from multiple gestures in Settings. This gesture will also take you back to Home if your code freezes.

Open Sensor Cover

Hold on sides and press up with thumbs.


Use an SD Card

Add an SD card and in settings you can install over the web a bootable system allowing more control over your device.

Capture Screen Shot

Trace a "C" shape around perimeter of screen. Capture is saved as capture001.bmp (number increments). The capture file is written to the root / of the startup volume (device or SD card). Use the File Sharing app to move the file to a PC.


Reset Kinoma Create

If your Kinoma Create becomes unresponsive you can reset the device with a paper clip inserted through the reset hole.

Hackable Sensor Cover

Every Kinoma Create includes an additional white sensor cover. Spray paint it to match your project look. Cut holes in it for your sensors.


Adjustable Stand

Place the dowels stored in the back case in the stand holes to set the angle desired.