Kinoma Create Version 2 is Now Available, Facilitating an Expanded Range of Uses by Embedded Developers, while Keeping Hardware Exploration Fun for Makers

Improvements include Bluetooth LE, ANCS, and 802.11n support; modern Linux distribution; and doubling of flash memory

The first device with JavaScript 6th Edition at its foundation

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Santa Clara, CA (March 3, 2016) – Kinoma®, an integrated team of designers and engineers within semiconductor company Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL), has publicly released the second version of Kinoma Create, a developer device to take Internet of Things (IoT) ideas to prototype and production. Kinoma Create Version 2 comes out of the box ready for making, with an 800 MHz ARM CPU, integrated Wi-Fi, BLE, color capacitive touchscreen, speaker, microphone, tons of I/O, and battery – all enclosed in a versatile case.

“Version 2 of Kinoma Create is the result of developer community input, technology and standards advances, and where we see embedded and IoT heading,” said Peter Hoddie, Marvell’s VP of Kinoma. “Kinoma Create Version 2 is also the first device of any category shipping with JavaScript 6th Edition at its foundation. With this release, we’re leading the way in scripting for embedded systems—opening an entire product category to a wider pool of developers, and enabling those developers to make their devices end-user-scriptable.”

New in Kinoma Create Version 2

  • Additional connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0, ANCS, and dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11n

    Bluetooth 4.0 (with Bluetooth Low Energy, aka BLE) is a wireless technology designed to support a wide variety of IoT peripherals. Low energy allows BLE peripherals to operate for long periods of time on a single battery; popular BLE peripherals include fitness trackers and key finders. Developers can now write apps and prototype devices using Kinoma Create to communicate with off-the-shelf BLE peripherals and sensors, as well as build their own BLE peripheral using Kinoma Create. The BLE stack for Kinoma Create is 100 percent JavaScript and open source, so developers can explore and adapt the code as needed.

    BLE Explorer is a new utility app on Kinoma Create’s home screen that enables developers to scan for, connect to, and browse BLE peripherals' services and characteristics.

    Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) is used to give Bluetooth accessories a way to access notifications that are generated on iOS devices. ANCS is the framework used, for example, to display missed calls on an iPad or Apple Watch. ANCS can now be used with Kinoma Create to build devices that convey messages received from iOS devices.

    Kinoma Create Version 2 supports 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity—in addition to 802.11b/g—which operates on both the 2.4 GHz and lesser-used 5 GHz bands. Developers can now connect Kinoma Create to more (often higher speed) access points, with less interference from other devices.

  • More modern Linux distribution

    Kinoma Create Version 2 runs a custom Linux distribution based on The Yocto Project’s reference distribution called Poky. Further, the Linux kernel on Kinoma Create has been moved from the 2.6.x line to the 3.10.x line, a significantly more modern version of the kernel.

  • Doubling of flash memory

    Running a more modern version of Linux warranted a doubling of flash memory from 16 MB SPI Flash to 32 MB SPI Flash. This increase in flash memory also gives developers more space for apps and data, without the need for an SD card.

  • Additional control of servos

    The front pins of Kinoma Create now support up to six PWM (pulse-width modulation) outputs tuned to control the hobby servos commonly used in robotics and remote control model vehicles. This is in addition to the three PWM outputs on the back pins which have been tuned to control LEDs since the first Kinoma Create release.

Availability of Kinoma Create Version 2
Online, Kinoma Create is available for $149.95 in the US through the Kinoma Store, and in other locations through SparkFun at

Continued support of Kinoma Create Version 1
Through software updates, developers with the original version of Kinoma Create have access to the following enhancements that ship in Kinoma Create Version 2: the update to JavaScript 6th Edition and front pins PWM driver support. Additionally, all Kinoma developers continue to be supported on the Kinoma Forums at

Media Resources
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About Kinoma
Kinoma hardware products and software solutions are designed to take connected device ideas to prototype and production. Developers adopt the Kinoma platform to build IoT products in JavaScript, and to make those connected devices evolve faster with end-user scriptable enhancements. The platform is open source, so developers can customize Kinoma software across their product ecosystem, use preferred hardware components and cloud services, and do more with the products they create. Kinoma is leading the way in scripting for embedded systems, and making an entire product category more accessible to a wider pool of developers.

In 2010, Kinoma joined semiconductor giant Marvell, bringing the team’s proven heritage in software architected for high performance on everything from phones to tablets, to the Internet of Things. Marvell’s chips power everyday electronics, including Google Chromecast, Samsung Tablets, and Lenovo Smart TVs.

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