Kinoma Element, the Tiny JavaScript-Powered IoT Prototyping Platform, is Now Available for Purchase

With integrated Wi-Fi, 16 programmable pins, and 512 KB of RAM, Kinoma Element is the scriptable, palm-sized IoT kit to take developers from embedded device idea to production

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Santa Clara, Calif. (August 25, 2016) – Kinoma®, an integrated team of designers and engineers within semiconductor company Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL), today announced the retail availability of Kinoma Element on, the official online store of Make: and Maker Faire. Kinoma Element is the scriptable, palm-sized IoT kit with built in Wi-Fi. It is open source and endlessly configurable for customizability. Built with a pair of eight pin expansion ports, it works with off-the-shelf sensors, lights, motors, and actuators that are programmed with JavaScript.

"Kinoma Element is a new hardware product for IoT innovators. It’s instantly and always connected, interfaces with off-the-shelf sensors, and is ideal for prototyping embedded devices poised for mass production," said Dr. Andy Carle, Director at Kinoma. "We received pre-release reservations of Kinoma Element from developers, and are excited to now make it widely available through Maker Shed."

Kinoma Element is designed to take ideas— for the cloud, mobile, or IoT devices—from drawing board, to prototype, through to mass production using Marvell’s microcontroller line, which has been adopted by numerous companies for IoT products including August, Blossom, iHome, Rheem, Whirlpool, and Xiaomi.

Kinoma Element features include:

  • 512 KB RAM
  • 200 MHz ARM Cortex M4
  • Wi-Fi g/n integrated into microcontroller
  • 16 programmable pins supporting: Serial, Digital, Analog, I²C, PWM
  • 3.3V pins logic level
  • FreeRTOS
  • Enclosure for durability in development and testing

Kinoma Element measures 1.8" square and 0.4" thick with a screw in the center for easy case removal; ideal for those who want to hack the board directly to embed it in a bigger product or 3D print their own enclosure.

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Pricing and Availability
Kinoma Element is available at a purchase price of US$24.99 through Make Media’s Maker Shed at

Media Resources
Screenshots, icons and other images are available for download at

About Kinoma
Kinoma hardware products and software solutions are designed to take connected device ideas to prototype and production. Developers adopt the Kinoma platform to build IoT products in JavaScript and to make those connected devices evolve faster with end-user scriptable enhancements. The platform is open source, so developers can customize Kinoma software across their product ecosystem, use preferred hardware components and cloud services, and do more with the products they create. Kinoma is leading the way in scripting for embedded systems, and making an entire product category more accessible to a wider pool of developers.

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