A New Way to Build Apps

JavaScript unleashed

Kinoma apps are coded in JavaScript. An optional XML API simplifies user interface and data binding.

Just as Node.js uses JavaScript but replaces the “web” parts with a framework for building servers, the Kinoma Platform Runtime (KPR) uses JavaScript but with a framework optimized for building high-performance apps that run on Kinoma Create, iOS, and Android.

At your command is a deep app-centric framework with support for everything from dynamic user interfaces, real-time animation, and media playback to device discovery and communication with REST-based services on the Internet and other devices.

Seriously easy

Built on the Eclipse open source IDE, the Kinoma Studio development environment is simultaneously familiar and powerful.

Kinoma Studio comes with lots of sample projects, and a Kinoma Create simulator that lets you start coding even without devices. Wireless debugging helps make the process a pleasure.

The same IDE even lets you make Android and iOS “companion” apps to orchestrate your creations.

Deploy everywhere

Of course, Kinoma Studio is a perfect complement to Kinoma Create, our JavaScript-powered construction kit for makers, professional product designers, and web developers.

But you don’t need to wait until you receive your own Kinoma Create — you can start building apps immediately with the built-in simulator. And you can package and deliver apps for both Android and iOS phones and tablets.

To see an app built with Kinoma Studio in action, check out Kinoma Connect for Android and iOS.